SeaCats and TICA Northwest
In the Hall of the Mountain Cat

The International Cat Association's
42nd Annual Awards Show and Banquet
Greater Tacoma Convention Center
Tacoma, Washington
September 2 & 3, 2023 

Why In the Hall of the Mountain Cat?

Here is an excerpt from Andres' memoir Sometimes I Make Things That Don't Purr (as of yet unpublished):

It started in 2017, after a successful and exhausting first night of the Northwest’s Regional Awards show and banquet, I got stuck in an elevator. To maintain what little remained of my sanity, I alternated between finding ways to make this unfortunate end to the evening Nick’s fault and staring out of my prison’s window at the majesty of Mt. Rainier far off in the distance. 

A thought came over me -- a crazy one I’m sure too many feline enthusiasts have -- one of mighty battles happening beneath that mountain, kitty v. kitty, all to vie for the approval of the unknowable cat king beneath the mountain. With delirium setting in, I thought of all the cacophony that such a scene would entail and the soundtrack in my head changed to Wagner’s suite to "In the Hall of the Mountain King". Spectacle met sound in my mind’s eye, and the vision for the 2023 annual was born. 

In the Hall of the Mountain Cat is above all a celebration of TICA and each other. It is a weekend to enjoy the grandiosity of cat through the humble lens of man. In honor of the amazingly delirious and anxiety induced sights and sounds of the 45-minute elevator ordeal, our weekend celebrating cats will use as its backdrop the only thing more dramatic than a cat competition: opera.

Each ring will be themed to an opera where each officiating judge will be the leading man or woman of their stage. Accompanied by a cast of choral cats, we will see who will ultimately preside over the Hall of the Mountain Cat. 

We hope you will join us Labor Day weekend 2023 to celebrate felines, theatricality, drama, comedy and each other. 

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