SeaCats and TICA Northwest
In the Hall of the Mountain Cat

The International Cat Association's
42nd Annual Awards Show and Banquet
Greater Tacoma Convention Center
Tacoma, Washington
All-in-One Show Hall and Hotel

September 2 & 3, 2023 

In the vast green lands found north and then west
There dwells an elusive Cat King who is never at rest

Beneath the white, frosty peak of great Mount Rainier
Is his decadent throne that all felines revere

The Mountain Cat craves things of glamour and glitz
Crates of salmon, gold and cardboard boxes for sits

He has learned of the fanciers, from lands far and wide
These friends to all felines, they campaign but can’t hide

TICA’a captured his interest, worry not, have no fear
In his whimsical mind a vision becomes crystal clear

For the first time to mortals he opens his wondrous hall
Delight in fourteen stages of opera and a weekend long ball

The Mountain Cat commands: “Don your finest attire!”
For his show and his feast
Will draw awe and inspire

Parallel Lines

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